Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Universal health care - that is the natural selection of the species?

Universal health care - that is the natural selection of the species?
We interfering with the natural evolution of genres to give universal health care for all? If we save the children cannot live beyond the age of 10 to the tune of billions and billions of dollars, which are used, many thinkers in health ethics. If save us everyone with hereditary defects and grow to be cloned, will forward these genes in the genome, which will cause problems in the future. This information is unknown.
However, those who study it ask where draw us the line? Throw you after all the "universal health care", an episode in the complete cycle of survival evolutionary of the best for the human beings, you see? Recently, to have knowledge; "a... of course not executed, due to lower its medical science often Fri interventions on launch day. "that is true, something our beau monde has chosen to do so far and in each of our evolutionary past, we had no choice, that is how come we're here today."
Yes, Homo sapiens sapiens has changed the stronger, probably detrimental to his weak genes can be a problem. But another point of view argument, from a scientific point of view, not a moral objective, well, this is not the death of various qualities-spam provides also more adaptation thus, additions genetic variation and so forth and evolution too.
Download gene forward (junk) will be rear their heads in the following generations, according to your chosen companion, it could unfold in a negative way, positively, or nuetral, but in some 'road' and the 1st alternative (negatively) unfortunate for this person, and providing universal health care, well, you can bet that when the governance is short of funds or taxpayers to deepen the debate. You please consider all the deductions and, in fact, not only the religious truth that all life is sacred, worthy and ethical issues, but the rest as well.

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