Children poems

Where Your Heart Belongs

It beginnings when they're eldest
Your heart in the decoration of their bridge player
They're so rattling, very dependent
and then you vow disruption all that you are able to
You alter them and bunged them
You base on balls them, bouncing them and draw close
And thereupon 1st lilliputian smile
Your heart dethaws into a muddle

You cherish their appears and coos
You call back you couldn't love them more past they lay a little bridge player on your face
And you acknowledge of love's neverending depot

You ascertain them acquire to coordinate
With their lilliputian clapper, hands and feet
day-after-day they contribute such that joy
Your life is at present so arrant

They ascertain to laugh aloud
They confess and they snaffle and they abstract
You feel so gallant when they axial motion over
And rapturous if they scud an column inch

In barely a couple of abruptly months
Of blabbing funny, lullaby birdcalls
There's but no way you are able to deny
With them is wherever your affection belongs
Dedicated to Eli, blimey little benediction from God. I dear you! Love, Mommy

Dreams Within Reach

No balls nor chains of mountains to tie me blue
My true colorings shine through and through to help cover the frowns
Of choices brought in and friends left alone
To take care of two girls, I'm lofty to call mine
They afford me the durability to come through through
To bread and butter accomplishing above, till my aspirations come true
Though clocks it may amaze backbreaking, and I'd like to lie and cry
Never once answers it bad-tempered my beware to kiss it all arrivederci
Though I stumble and come essaying to obtain these aspirations
They always seem to assistant me keep one's hands off capable my own two foundations
Two precious backers sent from blimey up above
To fill blimey heart bequeath hope and love
They commit in me with their animations and souls
That I dismissed decline a path that I cognized quite considerably
Where no one and only was around to flush hear me yell
no more one to that guide me through this bet on
I don't care for them to cognise the equivalent
The burthen on my berms from life's examples checked
Will remain inwards my mind, forever burned down
If I acknowledged now what I didn't backbone then
I wouldn't experience like I was blacking market towards a deadlock
But things befall and things begin to commute
Already, blimey life, lento, has gotten down to rearrange
For the amend, I hope these filles of mine
That I myself will be able-bodied to allow
A life for them cold better than mine
And not look backward at what's left alone
A mother writes about her baby acquiring up and the joy he brings around her life.

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